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“Take Off Your Shoes is a penetrating look into a top CEO’s journey from harried executive to balanced professional, husband, and father. Ben Feder and his family yelled ‘Stop!’ at their insanely busy New York City routines, and instead decided to unplug, uproot, and immerse themselves in another part of the world. And along the way, they also immersed themselves in their own family bonding. This story of self-learning while on sabbatical in Bali will prove an illuminating read for executives, parents, and anyone else in pursuit of a more meaningful work-life balance. Just be prepared – you may be inspired to take a similar adventure.”
—Dan Senor, co-author of the New York Times bestseller Start-Up Nation: The Story of Israel’s Economic Miracle

Fiercely honest, Ben Feder takes off more than his shoes. He takes the bands off his plastic, expansive brain and lets us in on an intimate journey. At the end, I felt a crazy thing: this is an exciting time to be a man. Could this book be more timely? I read it cover to cover on my iPhone!” 
—Geraldine Laybourne, Co-founder of Katapult; Founder, Oxygen Media; first President, Nickelodeon

“The magic of Ben Feder’s narrative is that we see our own lives unfold as we travel alongside him on his journey. His poignant inner monologue touches us and emboldens us to make braver choices in our own lives. We are left richer for the voyage.”
—Eric Langshur, author of the New York Times bestseller Start Here

“Most hard-charging senior executives have thought of leaving their stressful jobs and bugging out to Bali. Ben Feder had the guts to do it. Even if we can’t follow in his footsteps, we all can benefit from his experience through the compelling story he tells in Take Off Your Shoes.”
—Tom Glocer, Former CEO of Thomson Reuters and Founder of Angelic Partners

“Ben Feder made a courageous step when he left his position as CEO of a major gaming company to take a one-year sabbatical with his family. In Take Off Your Shoes, Feder shows us how his time away allowed him to creatively explore new ways of “seeing” and delve into a growth mindset, leading to deeper methods of processing information—skills that promote innovative leadership.”
—Greg Brandeau, co-author of Collective Genius; former CTO at Pixar and Disney

“Feder’s inspiring personal journey is imminently relatable. How many hard-charging professionals wish they could step off the treadmill and have the time to reflect and grow? Beautifully constructed, Take Off Your Shoes movingly depicts Feder’s courageous, transformational journey.”
Jeffrey Bussgang, Harvard Business School Professor, Author and Venture Capitalist 

“In his debut memoir, Feder shares an adventure many dream about. …there are strong moments when the author reveals the excitement of unlocking a new way of experiencing the world. Feder’s self-deprecating humor remains charming throughout. A refreshingly pleasant addition to the journals of self-discovery, with a timely focus on ecological stewardship.” —Kirkus Review 

"Not everyone can afford to pick up and travel the world with the family, but they can find ways to lead a more mindful life. All they must do is think outside the box and dare to step outside their comfort zone. Overall, ‘Take Off Your Shoes’ is easy to read with language that is easy to understand and will appeal to readers who are looking for ideas to enrichen their lives. It is insightful, personal and humorous with something for everyone." SA Examiner

"Take Off Your Shoes is an eye-opening read that is full of life lessons and useful insights. Many successful people have often wondered what it would be like to just up and leave their stressful careers and travel the world. Follow along as Ben leaves his job and heads to Bali all while sharing his personal story and life lessons along the way. A compelling read for anyone with a stressful career and the thoughts of quitting and following their heart to travel the world." Lovely Loveday

"Life refiners will relate well with Feder as he describes his studies in growth mindsets and brain science. Through the course of the narrative, he shares several books and resources he found useful in his quest. He’s discovering a new rhythm to life. A new way to experience the textures of his surroundings. In a sense, he’s explaining how he found a new way to exist. We all should be so lucky." —Chad Gramling, 1Glories

"The best part of the entire experience was how the family bonded and supported each other. As Feder was decompressing and finding himself once again, his family did the same. Each child found new avenues for growth as they observed their father and mother stretch and grow. The children related better to each other than they had back in New York. The space between them narrowed. Feder’s son Oliver encouraged him to write the book because he thought that people would want to know how to have this type of experience—this sabbatical." Miriam Downey, The Cyberlibrarian

"... this book would best serve as an inspiration for going outside your comfort zone and discovering what helps you live a more mindful and fulfilled life. Finding what you can incorporate into your everyday life to help make you more centered, grounded and at peace is an activity certainly worth making time for." Olivia Balanga-Santos, Living Beyond Your Fears

"There are many quotes about life, love, family, legacy, and vocation to be pulled and applied from Feder’s Take Off Your Shoes. Life is many things, but a flow chart it is not. Every day we look for change, but formulas and seminars don’t get it done. Feder is witty and wise, providing insightful guidance and motivation for anyone facing change or seeking a balance between their professional and personal lives." —Brian Tramuel, Retirement Savvy

"From the moment they made the decision to take a sabbatical, all through it, and once it was over, I was hooked. I loved this book. It's well written, interesting, insightful, and inspiring. Two thumbs way up for "Take Off Your Shoes" by Ben Feder. I highly recommend reading this book. You won't be disappointed." —Jacqueline Bodnar, Volusia County Moms

"I would definitely recommend this memoir." — Little Earthling